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Blind Rivets

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Blind rivets
Metarial: Stainless Steel
Standard: IFI-114 and DIN 7337
Surface: Plain
Place of Origin: Songjiang
Brand Name:
MOQ: 100 000  Pieces
Payment Terms:

SRC Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-21-57745555
Fax:  86-21-57742255
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aluminium blind rivets
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1) Steel rivet with steel mandrel
2) Standards: IFI-114, DIN 7337
3) Sizes:
a) Diameter: 3/32 - 1/4" (2.4 - 6.4mm)
b) Length: 0.189 - 1.378" (5 - 35mm)
c) Grip range: 0.031 - 1.135" (0.8 - 29mm)
4) Using steel for both rivet bodies and mandrels, the rivets are ideal for
settings requiring for high strength
5) Steel rivets are with steel mandrels

Inner packing:
10 - 100pcs/poly bag
250 - 1,000pcs/color box
3,000 - 20,000pcs/bulk packaging

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