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Glass disc optical screening machine series UGB-FR-III

Category: Machine & Equipment,Inspection equipment
Place of Origin: Songjiang
Brand Name: UAZNC
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Shanghai UAZNC Precision Technology Co., LTD.,

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-137-64285381
Fax:  86-137-37720826
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1.By high transmittance of glass, the workpiece stably placed on the glass disk can be detected

2.Glass disk diameter is 800mm,thickness is 8mm.

3.Feeding method : by conveyor belt.

4.Detectable range diameter 10-45 mm.

5.Available for 2~8 cameras.

6.Available for external/internaI 360°lens.

7.According to customer requirements we can add automatic packaging machine and automatic feeding system.

Item                                 Parameters

size                                 1280x1280x1945mm

Diameter                                 10-45 mm

Total Length                 2-45 mm

Number of cameras                 2-8cameras

Glass plate size                 800mm

Glass plate thickness               8mm

Pixel Sorting Precision 土 0.01-0.03

Sorting Speed                 120-500

Air pressure specifications 5KG

HDR Camera                 Balser

Camera Lens                 Computer

Computer Host                 Siemens

CPU-Z                                 Independent R & D

Electrical Components Internationally famous brands

Voltage                                 220VAC ( Regular)

Frequency                 50HZ/60HZ

Power                                 4KW

Machine Weight                 900KG

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