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Stainless Steel Blind Rivet

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Blind rivets
Metarial: Stainless Steel
Standard: DIN 7337
Surface: Plain
Place of Origin: Pudong Xinqu
Brand Name:
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Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp.


Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-21-58912860
Fax:  86-21-58912793
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stainless steel blind rivet stainless steel blind rivets
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Body material: stainless steel
Mandrel material: stainless steel
Standards: IFI 114 standard and DIN 7337 standard
Body diameter: 3.2 to 6.4mm (1/8 to 1/4 inches)
Length: 7.0 to 30mm (0.275 to 1.325 inches)
Available for different applications
Suitable for marine and other corrosive atmospheres
Dome head, CSK head and large head are available
Grooved mandrel
Large head

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