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CFIA Statement on EU's Anti-dumping Ruling

By CFM , 2015-04-08 12:00:00

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On 2nd, April, 2015, China Fastener Magazine received the CFIA statement on EU's anti-dumping ruling that EU continues to impose a five-year duty against certain iron or steel fasteners originated from People's Republic of China. Hereby we are authorized to publish the statement as following:

March 27th, 2015, EU made the final ruling on Anti-dumping Sunset Review into Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners, which chose to continue the anti-dumping measures against the carbon steel fasteners originated from People's Republic of China. This decision truly astonished us.

Although with several Face to Face China-EU communication and dialogue, EU Still insisted its wrong stand. We, China Fastener Industry Association (CFIA), are very disappointed and angry with EU's final decision. It indeed violated the free trade rule and influenced the normal trade between China and EU, which would lead both sides to a wrong destination.

On March 11th, 2015, CFIA and European Industrial Fastener Institute (EIFI) had face to face meeting in Stuttgart to exchange opinions regarding this case and also reached an agreement that both parties should together devote to eliminating the misunderstanding and misjudgment, since confrontation without communication is useless. It is better to follow the trend of development to clear all obstacles and strengthen the mutual trust as well as to co-build a communicating and working platform during the sunset review period. Such measures can bring back the Sino-European Fastener Industrial trade to the right track and promote the cooperation and common development between both sides.

However, the European Commission did not show respect to the endeavor from the Chinese side, that it insisted the wrong decision to impose anti-dumping duties against certain iron or steel fasteners from China, which would bring no benefits to each other. The European fastener manufacturing enterprises consider the prices of all the raw materials, devices, and others as transparent since it is the information age now. Many countries in Europe have set up their factories in China while the reality is that the labor cost in China is constantly increasing and the price gap between both sides is narrowing. EU inclines to the wrong voices from some enterprises instead of the right voices from other Sino-European enterprises, with will damage the benefits of European manufacturing industry at last.

We, CFIA sincerely hope that EU can follow the trend of development and completely bring the WTO adjudication on this case into enforcement. Confrontation brings no future; both sides should restart the negotiation aiming to bring win-win and mutual development to Sino-European fastener industry. We strongly request a re-adjudication on anti-dumping sunset review against certain iron or steel fasteners from China and appeal that China Government should fortify the negotiation with EU to impel a correction of this wrong ruling.

China Fastener Industry Association
March 31st, 2015

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