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China’s total railway network exceeds 100,000km

By steelorbis , 2013-12-31 12:00:00

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On December 30, China's Ministry of Transportation announced that the total length of China's railway network has reached 100,000 km, with new railway lines totaling 2,000 km entering service on December 28. The railway lines in question include the Xiamen-Shenzhen railway, the Xi'an-Baoji high-speed railway, the Liuzhou-Nanning passenger line, the Hengyang-Liuzhou railway, the Chongqing-Lichuan railway, and the Guangxi coastal railway.

Of the total 100,000 km of railways, high-speed railways account for 10,000 km. In addition, high-speed railway lines currently under construction in China total 12,000 km. According to China's national railway network plans, high-speed railways in the country will total 19,000 km by 2015, while by 2020 the railway network in China will have a total length of 120,000 km.

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